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Rappin' on Racin'
with Don Gamble
Rappin' on Racin'
Monday, May 14, 2007
6 - 8:30PM

Don welcomes and co-hosts are Dave Kohler & Deana Barbara.

Our guests tonight are…WoO drivers Tim Shaffer and Ed Lynch Jr.

We have victory lane comments from…Brian Swartzlander, Joe Kelley, Ed Lynch Jr., Dusty Curry, and Stacey White.

Also discussions on the big WoO show Tuesday at Lernerville and the results from all the local tracks that were not affected by Mother Nature, and a special interview with the winner of the PA State Youth of the Year Award for the Boys and Girls Club of Pennsylvania Gino Binkert.

This broadcast is no longer available online. Please request your copy of the broadcast on a CD via the link below.

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