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Rappin' on Racin'
with Don Gamble
Rappin' on Racin'
Monday, April 30, 2007
6 - 8PM

Don Gamble welcomes co-hosts Mike Lysakowski & Dave Dragovich.

Tonight's gueast are Asphalt Late Model driver Dave Marrow.

We have victory lane comments from Danny Holtgraver, Brian Swartzlander, Kevin Schaeffer, Joe Kelley, Sam Stile, Lou Bradich, Mike Basich & Robbie Blair

As well as discussions on the results from the speedways that beat mother nature, the extended show time for May going to 8:30, Saturday May 5th auction of the Hickory Speedway in New Castle, and some behind the scene stories…

This broadcast is no longer available online. Please request your copy of the broadcast on a CD via the link below.

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